Creo Systems

Creo Systems Pvt Ltd

C1, 2nd Floor Triyambhava, Kalapatti Rd, Coimbatore - 6410006, India
TEL:+91 (422) 451 8484
MOBILE: +91 98736 27575

Creo Systems highly cares about privacy issues on the internet. We will take great care to treat the information about the user. CREO does not rent or sell personal information. If the user information needs to be shared with trusted partner's only after bringing it to the user's knowledge. We believe it is necessary to share few information in order to investigate, prevent or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, or other with if required by law.

Cookies and other technologies We sometime collect customer information from visitor of our website to provide better customer service. Anonymous information is used and analysed only at agreed level to help us understand that trend and pattern. Name or any other personal information is not reviewed at any individual level.

Mailers If the user chooses to send us a direct mail, the mail will be handled confindentially. If the user writes to us we will take steps to remove his/ her mail and information from the list.